Magnetic Contractor understands the complex challenges that face roofing contractors today.

With limited resources, you may be too busy to hustle and secure new jobs for your crew. After all,
you’re exhausted after a full day of work and the last thing you want to do is return phone messages,
drive out to give someone a quote or make cold calls – and that doesn’t even begin to touch the time
you spend on payroll and balancing the books.

So, instead of investing the time in generating new business, like many roofing contractors, you may
simply hope for a good storm to come rolling through. That way, you’ll be flooded with calls without any
extra effort.

While we understand why you operate like this, you need to understand that this is no way to sustain a
healthy business.

At Magnetic Contractor, we’ve developed a proven proprietary system designed to consistently provide
you with the new commercial and residential clients you need to create a thriving business. These aren’t
just random names and phone numbers; these are potential customers looking for roof replacement

Our staff is committed to delivering custom marketing systems that offer five to 10 times your return on
investment. That means for every dollar you spend with us, we provide you with $5-$10 in new
business. It’s a win-win situation.

We specialize in social media marketing solutions and work exclusively with roofing contractors. We
believe that social media provides the perfect platform for reaching a targeted audience as posting
content has been proven to grow business follower bases, generating increased sales and higher
website traffic.

Are you ready to take your brand to that next level?

When you’re ready to stop chasing storms and start hitting your goals, give us a call.